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Wednesday, 26 Jun 2019, 12:10 PM
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Gallifreyan-English Dictionary
StrangerComeKnockingDate: Monday, 11 Mar 2013, 9:58 AM | Message # 16
Rihays, Master of Many Names
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03.11.13 This week was more productive than it looks, trust us. First, let us address a word gaining a second definition.

You already know sisi as being a fangirl exclamation "Eeee! "OMG!" and so on. Now it also means "yes" as a response to address. "Jeremy!" "Yes mom?!"

Next let's get the regular words out of the way.

ɛrɪz - group, society, club, probably closest relation is "guild"
ɛrzɪm - declaration, principles, probably closest relation is "creed"
gɪklo - finally, at last
nilal - harmony, peace, settling of inner turmoil (not related to not-war)
hɔw - will, willpower
venla - justice
oɹvɛn - retribution, vengeance
ɐnɔl - act, deed
gɛros - energy (sci.)
kop'oɹ - energy (stamina)
gɛluʃɛm - change, small amount of money
gəmbi - pocket
lolina - hold, embrace, cuddle (Rv)
ʒonpoɾ - useless
k'oɹʒonpoɾ - useful
ʒonpoɾnow - to make useless
ɬɛp'ʒonpoɾnow - to make useful, make use, make do
çɛsol - ruins
çɛsow - to die out, go extinct
çɛsonop' - to leave, abandon
dʒɛrap'u - outsider, one who lives off the land, shuns technology, "Gallifreyan Amish"
ʃɛnuk' - cookie
mɐrwa - improvisation
mɐrwanow - to improvise
wɛlwɛ - fruit
çorlwɛ - vegetable
bahrug - nut
kɪbɪṱ - banana
gɑjul - apple

Next we will address a split-hair verb.

hrafop' - to move (from point A to point B )
hrapoɹ - movement

ərlonow - to move, make a movement
ərlon - movement, motion

The first is like moving across town, and the second is like "I think he's moving! He's alive!"

The third item on today's agenda is a list of words which have no direct English equivalent, not in one word anyway.

ɐgorɪb' - lit. to go out with friends/out on the town
ɐgobor - downtown (slang)

çərɛm - an act someone does for you that you didn’t want to have them do and tried to avoid having them do, but they went ahead anyway, determined to do you a favor, and then things went wrong and caused you a lot of trouble, yet in the end social conventions required you to express gratitude

ɹɪʍa - someone who really needs a good thrashing, a face badly in need of a fist

zɛg - a really clever comeback that is too late to deliver, also "to think of something clever after the fact" (n., v.)

Next comes a new idiom and a serious bit of fun. This started when I discovered a word in Malay which means "in the time to eat a banana" and I thought of 10 and immediately knew we had to have this. And now we do!

gɪp' əθlɑ aɹzɑnɪ zi uh kɪbɪṱəɬ. - "during the instance of eating a banana" to do something quickly, but not rushed

And what's more:

mɐrwa kɪbɪṱ - n. lit. "banana improvisation" ; v. to pull a MacGyver (or, maybe, to pull a Doctor)

"Odaʃ fo bərowoz bɑmi mɐrwaʔəɬ, odaʃ bərowoz mɐrwaʔəɬ kɪbɪṱ."
That wasn't just improv, that was banana improv. *impressed*

No, you don't have to thank us.

In other news, list-making was on the table this week. You can check out the "Projects" area of the site to see one way (in progress) of writing lists, but we also made a few decisions.

1. Simple lists (milk, butter, eggs) may be rendered either using commas or as a simple vertical list.
2. Lists may also be rendered horizontally or vertically.


There are still a few things to be ironed out, but if you're looking for a model, here you go.

Finally, the List of Affixes has been completely updated.
Also added a page with the list of Chapters, Houses, Academies, and so on for quick reference.

This week we'll probably be focusing more on transportation.

"Everybody knows that everybody dies." -River Song
StrangerComeKnockingDate: Monday, 18 Mar 2013, 9:46 AM | Message # 17
Rihays, Master of Many Names
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03.18.13 Woo, what a week. Insanely productive and quite expansive. We'll start off with the theoretical aspect.

1. Theory

ṱɪθobɑn - logical theory
ṱɪθobɑni - theoretical
ṱɪθobɛn - logical hypothesis
ṱɪθobɛnow - to hypothesize
ṱɪʃoboɹ - logical law, rule of logic (ex. if a= b and a = c, then b = c)

ərubɑn - scientific theory
ərubɑni - theoretical
ərubɛn - scientific hypothesis
ərubɛnow - to hypothesize

josk'ihob - temporal theory
josk'ihoni - theoretical
josk'ihɔp' - temporal hypothesis
josk'ihəb' - to hypothesize

ərobok' - scientific/temporal law (ex. gravity makes things fall ; crossing your own time stream makes things go boom!)

Temporal law =/= Law of Time

ṱɪθɛni - logical
ləruk - scientific
kipən - temporal

change n -> m for adv.

These words may also be used as short substitutes for "logical" "scientific" "temporal" and "possible" so instead of ərubɑmi dɑɹijɐʔwoj (scientifically possible) or alodɑɹijɐʔwoj ərubɑni (scientific possibility), ərubɑmi may be used, but only when referring to theories or concepts. When you want to talk about them otherwise, you may use their proper adjectival forms.

ṱɪθobɑmi, mɪf, pum nəfon ərubɑmi
lit: theoretically, yes, but not theoretically
It's logically theoretical, but not scientifically theoretical.

2. Transportation

Transportation is done a little differently on Gallifrey.

"There are three small oceans(which were once quite large)and several seas but less then half its surface is water...Most of Gallifrey is burnt red deserts (with orange sand) and mountains...In the modern era there are only between 3 and 9 million Gallifreyans, which leaves many settlements and roads completely abandoned...The Capitol used to have a harbor(but the lake dried up)...A small conventional spaceport can be found near the Citadel...Time Scaphs are docked the Scaph Port...Councilmembers use aircars to get around the Capitol...The Transtube carriages (ortrains) are used for transport from one city-complex to another on Gallifrey...They look a bit like Earth subways...Imports from all over the galaxy (and from any point in time) can be found for sale at Prydos. Its streets are paved with mosaics which present the history of the city...Transmats are used to reach the Houses...Gallifreyan transmats can not transmit through lethal levels of Ion Flux...Gallifreyans also use skimmers to travel...They are shaped like longboats with carved dragons in the back...They can fly and have sophisticated forcefields to protect the crew...They are computer controlled or an organic pilot can fly the ship from below decks...The golden sails can be deployed to absorb energy to power the ship...Skimmers are considered obsolete transportation...Transmats are preferred...The idea of using an animal as a beast of burden is completely alien to their culture...Most Gallifreyans (and all Time Lords) never venture into the wilderness of the Outer Gallifrey unless they wish to become outsiders."

So, we have ortrains (subways), skimmers (ships [considered obsolete]), aircars, transmats (preferred), and time scaphs to work with. Riding animals is foreign and walking is not exactly shunned.

Named transportation will be handled in time.

k'isçɑf - time scaph

But for any other mode of transportation or foreign modes, there are some rather basic words.

ɔrɔɹ - place for many transportation vehicles (parking lot, marina, port, etc.)
ɔrɔɹʃɔk' - single place for single vehicle (parking spot, dock, etc.)

ɹupɑç - to park

nubɑs - vehicle for single transportation (bike, scooter, etc.)
nubɑ - vehicle for mid-size transportation (minivan, etc.)
ɛnubɑ - vehicle for mass-transportation (subway, bus, etc.)

But these could mean anything. To specify by water or land, just say so.

+ kɐlkɑ ʒjɛ - by water
+ dɛrɪð ʒjɛ - by land
+ hatın ʒjɛ - by air (sky)
+ sıpɑjn ʒjɛ - by space
+ k’ip’ə ʒjɛ - by time
+ kɪpɑʔnu ʒjɛ - by time and space

The main difference between k’ip’ə and kɪpɑʔnu is that one is used only for time travel but does not change location like a certain time-traveling DeLorean, the other is like a Tardis and changes time and location.

"Udoθaçɪç uh nubɑ ʒjɛ kɐlkɑ ʒjɛ." - "We'll be going by boat (lit. by a vessel by water)."
"Olɑk’ urupɑçak'ɪk' lo?" - Where will we park?"
"Uθ ɔrɔɹ çu kɐlkɑ ʒjɛ." - "At the marina/harbor (lit. At the port by water)."

Urupɑçak'ɪk' ufoz ufɪl nubɑnaʔəɬ kɐlkɑ ʒjɛ ɔrɔɹ çu kɐlkɑ ʒjɛ.
We will park our boat at the marina.
lit. We will park our vessel by water at the port by water.

3. "Than"

ʔu - "than" used in comparisons and acts like a conjunction or particle in that everything that comes after it must come after it even if the object

Is it bigger than you?

Is it you more big than? -> WRONG
Is it more big than you? -> RIGHT

Odadi aʃaʔoz p'əlkəɬ, do p'əlk' ʔu osorılaɬ koṱɛʃəb'. -> They are fast, faster than you can believe (imagine).

4. Coulda Woulda Shoulda

So, with the advent of could, would, and should, it quickly became apparent that short answers were impossible, until now.

Basically, it runs "c/w/should"+verb affix. Observe.

amkolaɹa? Did you run?

ɛfo, pum ʍul sorɪlaɹam. No, but I should have.

5. Gallifreyan Words

ṱɐrzɛl - a fool-dance, dance without steps or rhythm (basically what you end up doing when someone throws you onto the floor and expects Dancing with the Stars)

NOT to be confused with

tɐrzəl - the ceremonial headdress worn by those in the Gallifreyan government

6. Other Words

k'ip'uma - synchronized, synchronous
alɔk'ip'a - synchronization
alɔk'ipow - to synchronize

nɪjotɛs - to ensure

jəmɪr - bed (to sleep on)

pɛja - to sit down, be seated
ɑnɑbo - to stand up (from sitting or laying down)

klɑs - song
ṱɐboɹ - to sing
ṱɐbowi - singer
klɑsṱɐb - lyrics

7. Other Notes

"Want" verbs might be changing a bit here soon. Don't be afraid, we're simply going to make it so you can express more ideas in more ways without introducing a ton of different constructions.

The Laws of Time (under Projects) will be updated with a couple more rules sometime today or...Wednesday, depending on time. (Muahahahaha!)

"Everybody knows that everybody dies." -River Song
StrangerComeKnockingDate: Monday, 25 Mar 2013, 8:40 AM | Message # 18
Rihays, Master of Many Names
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03.25.13 All right, I have just enough time to quickly put up what we accomplished this week.

First off, give a big forum welcome to Mia, our newest collaborator/moderator. *cheer*

Next, the words. Only a few this week.

dʒaçɛn - thief

how + adj - mɛjn
how + verb = njɛm

Yes, they are just opposites. Basically, the "adj" is "How is she?" And the verb is "How is she doing that?"

quit: slozij (Rv)
stop: (Rv) zunjonow
stop: (excl) jowɛç

The big difference between the two stops is the Rv is simply "Stop messing around and get serious." while the Excl. is "Stop, thief!"

Next is a bit on prepositions. We have before, after, and so on, but if you want to say "just" in front of, use "dodimi"

odad ɛwoz ɪm ulo -> You are behind me.
odad ɛwoz dodimi ɪm ulo -> You are right behind me.

"to the right/left" are made by using "right/left" + "me" + "around"

odad ɛwoz dodimi gɐdʒo ɪm b’i.

For now, this could mean "to the right/left" or "just to the right/left".

Next, "want" constructions have been altered so they do not include the verb per se, but the participle.

"Do you want to be going to the mountains?" aɹsoɾɛla adəm vɛnoɾəl ɹəlçɛ ʒun?
"I want to go to the mountains." soɾɛlaɹ azəm vɛnoɾəl ɪmoz ɹəlçɛ ʒun.

I am so sorry, but I don't have time to explain it here; it will show up in GME though. Or Rhiannon can explain it further.

Last, but certainly not least, another word.

bornus - lieutenant, commander, "right-hand man"

Apologies, but that is all I have time for. Have a good week, everyone, I may not see you for some time.

Edit: The Dictionary will not be updated until next week. :(

"Everybody knows that everybody dies." -River Song
StrangerComeKnockingDate: Monday, 08 Apr 2013, 4:30 PM | Message # 19
Rihays, Master of Many Names
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Hurgle blurgle, so terribly sorry. So slow and behind and meh. Dictionary WILL be updated April 15, 2013.

On another note, updated "The Laws of Time" with two more rules. Also working furiously on a big thing for the Chapters, Houses, and Gallifreyan government. Going to be exciting. =_=

"Everybody knows that everybody dies." -River Song
StrangerComeKnockingDate: Monday, 15 Apr 2013, 7:25 PM | Message # 20
Rihays, Master of Many Names
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This is a week Gallifreyan government. From what I've been able to discern, the structure looks something like this:

Lord President
------INNER COUNCIL------
Chancellor (Vice-President)
High Cardinal
------HIGH COUNCIL------
Cardinal Prime
Castellan (non-voting)
Keeper (non-voting)
Chapter Cardinal
Under Cardinal
Junior Cardinal
------LORDS TEMPORAL------
Full Time Lord
Apprentice Time Lord
Junior Time Lord

Lord President
Director (First Speaker)
Second Speaker
Third Speaker

---------CHAPTERHOUSE GUARD---------
Castellan (Magistrate)

Cardinal-Judge (Inquisitor)
Valeyard (prosecutor)

haloç - chancellor
mɐlɛl - high cardinal
kɑlop - councillor
ɔzmiç - cardinal prime
nɛtɐp - castellan
waʃɑtɛl - keeper
[Seeing how we don't quite know what the Surgeon-General really does or even is, I've elected to skip this rank for right now.]
miçəm - cardinal
sɑgnəmiç - chapter cardinal
miçəmzav - under cardinal

PROPOSAL: "-zav" meaning: step down (in similar rank/type)
RIGHT: miçəm (cardinal) -> miçəmzav (under cardinal)
WRONG: kɑlop (councillor) -> "kɑlopzav" (cardinal prime)

miçəmɔh - junior cardinal (child-cardinal)
onɪnol - ordinal-general
onɪnolzav - ordinal

k'ɔdzav k’ip’ə zi - apprentice time lord
k'ɔdmɔh k’ip’ə zi - junior time lord (child-time lord)

gɛkɑwi bɑsi - first speaker
gɛkɑwi fɑsi - second speaker
gɛkɑwi lɑsi - third speaker

ark'ozav - under-assassin

And that's where my ideas ended. I'm currently working on a neat little chart to better diagram the structure as I perceive it. Will welcome modifications and thoughts.

And in other news...

sṱɐnʃɛn - big, burly, solid (body type), like what you might expect from a body guard or security guard

Been having problems with the Dictionary software, getting everything uploaded. Not even joking, the Dictionary is freaking MASSIVE. Probably going to do something about the Proper Nouns and Flora & Fauna (yes, I still have that) and put it here as a page on the site.

"Everybody knows that everybody dies." -River Song
StrangerComeKnockingDate: Tuesday, 16 Apr 2013, 7:16 PM | Message # 21
Rihays, Master of Many Names
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04.16.13 So, in case you haven't noticed, there are some new pages up under Learning Resources. Lists of names, planets, places, and so on. I'm unloading a couple hundred words from the Dictionary to the site to free up some space, hopefully pleasing the server/uploading gods. (Seriously, 100 words in the Dictionary =, like, 10Mb, and 5 new pages on the site = 10Kb) Still so much more to go, but it's progressing very quickly. If all goes according to plan, the Dictionary will be up tomorrow before noon (EST).

"Everybody knows that everybody dies." -River Song
StrangerComeKnockingDate: Wednesday, 17 Apr 2013, 8:57 AM | Message # 22
Rihays, Master of Many Names
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04.17.13 Uploaded the Dictionary. Transferred all but about four or five words to various lists elsewhere on the site. Enjoy.

"Everybody knows that everybody dies." -River Song
StrangerComeKnockingDate: Tuesday, 30 Apr 2013, 7:20 AM | Message # 23
Rihays, Master of Many Names
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04.30.13 So, this week we address both responses to various bodily functions and responses to accidents.

Sneeze responses:

dʒodʒo - childish response
jɐmni - quick, formal response
jozlɛn - casual response, formal or informal

Cough responses:

ʒotʃ - childish response
ʃɛlju - quick, formal response
loɹzɪn - casual response, formal or informal

aɹdɹi - burden (n)

gɛnjɑ - apologize (Rv)
ɹalɪsə - sympathize (Ev)
soɹsɪn - to be sorry (Rv)

In general, and this is a very loose standard, Apologize is something for something that happened on purpose and Sorry is for something that was an accident. Again, this is a very loose standard.

"Ɛsoɹsɪnaɬ. Mɪflɪṱ...mɪflɪṱ ɛsoɹsɪnaɬ."

mɛli(j)- - turns Rv/Ev into n (not gerunds)
koz(')- - turns Rv/Ev into n (gerund)

Gerunds turn verbs directly into nouns in two ways.

Example: the gerund of "to advise" is "advising" (gerund), but we also have the word "advisement" (non-gerund). "Advisement" means "careful consideration". Gerunds are specifically used to talk about the action of the verb as a noun, while this afx will be used to form related (or once-related) nouns from a verb root.

pərjuɹ - specific insult, may be rendered as "b*tch" or "bastard"

barajmən - try

"Everybody knows that everybody dies." -River Song
StrangerComeKnockingDate: Saturday, 11 May 2013, 6:59 AM | Message # 24
Rihays, Master of Many Names
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05.11.13 A slow week vocab-wise, rather productive idiom-and-phrase wise, and quite productive Proper noun/other vocab-wise.

Note: Due to Mother's Day here in the US and all the fun stuff my family does for it <_< the Dictionary will not be updated right away.

1. Vocabulary

ɪçtu - symbol, logo (anything from Apple's white apple to the Star of David, or even a nation's flag)
vɛɹ.nəm - equilateral/regular (adj) - refers to shapes where all sides are equal in measurement; can refer to 3-D shapes or, colloquially, to studies or equations with the same results

As far as the studies go on this one, from what I understand from Rhiannon, this is sort of lumped in with "hypothesis" "theory" "law" and whatnot and would be used like "Studies show that 1 out of 4 Whovians make up 25% of the total fandom." And you would use vɛɹnəm to describe the studies because they all came out the same way.

It is also used to describe mathematical equations.

x + 4 = 2(x+5)^3
"Q1. Is this equation regular?" / "Q1. Solve this regular equation for x."

çut̪ - shush, sh, hush (excl)
θ - shhh (soothing) (excl)
çutar - to hush, shush, silence (Rv)
θɛθij - to soothe
mɔhɛnɛ - childish love, puppy love, crush
ɹonɛjɪs - good/well (not bad, as a description of well-being)

2. Phrases
"take a seat" replacement: find a place.
find/look for (literal) - jɛl.jow Rv
place - nuz.na (n)

find/discover (figurative) - joznin Rv
path - norun (n)

3. Proper Nouns and Other Vocab
ɐrkɛlɪs - a flower found on the planet Skaro; it takes root only in metal
Dʒɹɛnz - last peaceful leader of the Daleks; assassinated
Flidoɹ - one of Skaro's moons
Gɹɪltɪs - river on Skaro (probably legend) that flows with crude oil
Sk'ɑros - Skarosian system (where planet Skaro is located)
Amɛron - ancient name of Skaro
Fibijəs - another planet in the Skarosian system

voɹtɪsoɹ - winged reptile on Gallifrey

Note 1: Some of these were taken from "The Dalek Dictionary" published in 19?4 (I think it was 1984).
Note 2: These will not appear in the Dictionary, but in the appropriate pages in Learning Resources.

"Everybody knows that everybody dies." -River Song
StrangerComeKnockingDate: Monday, 20 May 2013, 12:15 PM | Message # 25
Rihays, Master of Many Names
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05.20.13 Thanks to the Mix-n-Match, we've had an ASPLOSION of fantastic new words, and some revitalized old words.

1. Mean, Intend, Signify, Have Importance

mean/intend: dɛlfij (Ev)
"That's not what I meant!"

mean/convey/signify: zoʒɪm (Ev OR Rv; depends on context)
"Purple means wealth and, often, royalty."

mean/have importance: jɛlza (Ev)
"Life means nothing to me without you!"

2. The Splitting of Hairs

Some words we technically already have, so some definitions had to be rearranged.

vəlɪnt - burn (purposely)
aθuɹ - burn (naturally, accidentally)

Think of it as a sunburn and/or forgetting about something on the stove versus arson.

sɪk - clump, stuff
"What's this clump [stuff]?"

tʃɐʒɪɹɛj - to clump, to stuff
"Just clump [stuff]it all together!"
OR "Just stuff [clump]it in here!"

sno- - group of, herd of, clump of, etc.
snovoɹtɪsoɹ - herd of vortisaur

snopu - group, herd, clump (naturally-occurring)

One is naturally occurring, the other really isn't.

poru - illness (referring to the symptoms)
"Your illness is most perplexing." (Your symptoms are odd.)

sɐrtɪʒən - illness (referring to the sickness itself)
"Your illness is most perplexing." (We know the root cause, but it's not responding to treatment.)

stɛlənd - a specific illness, similar to a cold
"You're fine; you only have a cold."

3. Everything Else

dʒɛɹɑk - join, add (Rv)
dʒɛk - mention, comment (Rv)
losɑk - addition, item (n)
fɪʒɛloɹɪm - against, touching (prep)
dɑɹmosi - air, empty space (n)
fɑɹkɛl - air, manner (n)

tɛnɐjm - air, broadcast (Rv)
hogrɛnsi - expose, air (Rv)
onsigrɐj - air, atmosphere (n)
thomsɛn - atmosphere (of a place/event) (n)

hɛlnɛ - barrel (container)
dʒokrəs - basil (color)
lɪfəlʃ - beat, hit (Rv)
ɛrɛnko - sound, beat (n)
əfɪlum - body of a group or association (n)
nɛjɪlɪg - book, reserve (Rv)

gəriʃəl - branch, section (n)
gərimɪn - branch out (Rv)
ɛləvɪʒ - reach out, bridge (Rv)
rɛndəʒ - bug, error (n)
tɪkɪpɪd - annoy, bug (Rv)

bɛjtam - can, preserve foods (Rv)
favələn - can, container (n)
bɔkəmɔr - candied (adj)
witəb - chemistry, attraction (n)
mɛpəl - correct, put to rights (Rv)
dʒɪɹmɐl - countryside (n)


It appears one little bitty word has been singled out and stashed at the end of the Dictionary. This is a glitch in the program and will be fixed in the next issue.

"Everybody knows that everybody dies." -River Song
awakeningDate: Monday, 20 May 2013, 5:08 PM | Message # 26
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It's so good to see all these words created by the community now :)
I'd say the Comp/Activities thread has been useful so far :)

TheCollectorDate: Tuesday, 11 Jun 2013, 10:22 PM | Message # 27
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For transportation, the doctor used to ride bareback on vortisaurs, which look a little like indigo pterodactyls with violet markings. He was apparently rather good at it.
StrangerComeKnockingDate: Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013, 4:56 PM | Message # 28
Rihays, Master of Many Names
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WOW it's been a long time since we've had new words. The good news is.....they're here....

1. Love & Stuff, Man

So basically, you can say "I love you" four different ways now and have them mean very specific things.

suwɪɹçɛnɛt - two-hearted love
suwɪɹçɛnɛtol - to romantically love (Ev)

mijɑɹdɛnɛt - chosen-family love
mijɑɹdɛnɛtol - to love as family (Ev); to love your chosen family (Ev)

lɐvɛjɾɛnɛt - non-chosen family love
lɐvɛjɾɛnɛtol - to love your non-chosen family (Ev)

kalɪtɛnɛt - friend-love
kalɪtɛnɛtol - to love your friend (Ev)

2. Days of the Week and Times of Day

This is still mostly debated in Lexical Discussion if you'd like to come and throw your opinion in. ;)

monday - kɐpt̪i
tuesday - tʃom'i
wednesday - andɛj
thursday - sɛlta
friday - fɛltij
saturday - t̪ɛndaɹk
sunday - dɛndo

Note that in the Dictionary, these are merely listed as "[first] day of the Gallifreyan week, appx. as [Monday]" since we don't know a whole lot about Gallifreyan weeks. They may be altered in the future if new information becomes available.

morning - joloj
afternoon - lomoʃ
evening - ʃonɪp'

3. Habits, Addictions, Pastimes, and More (may be PG-13)

4. Word Submissions

These are words from the Word Submissions forum. Use the forum. USE IT.

dʒəjɑltɑm - high-power fixed computer (desktop, in-wall, etc.)

pɛlən - transparent, see-through
alopɛlən – transparency

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