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Monday, 20 Sep 2021, 10:41 PM
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The Gallifreyan Conlang Project
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The Project

The Gallifreyan Conlang Project is a lovely collection of people who are working to develop a conlang (constructed language) called Gallifreyan for the British sci-fi show "Doctor Who" the longest-running sci-fi show ever.


The main character of "Doctor Who" is the Doctor. He is from the planet Gallifrey and his people are known as Time Lords. Thus the language is called Gallifreyan. The Time Lords are unique in that they are able to travel anywhere in time and space using their TARDISes, so there will be a few wibbly-wobbley timey-wimey spacey-wacey rules to consider, and words for strange alien things and concepts. Probably the most notable characteristic of the Time Lords' physique is their ability to regenerate when injured or near-death (or just for the heck of it ["Utopia"]). They can literally change bodies, restore their own health. Physical words and other unique concepts will also be introduced. The good news is that because all of time and space is possible, any and all concepts can be covered, from ancient history to the far, far away.

This Site

TGCP is merely a tool for understanding Gallifreyan. When new grammar rules come out or are clarified, when new words or idioms are released, you will find them here. In between those times, tutorials and fun stuff can be found here.

Your Lovely Host

You may call me Stranger-Come-Knocking, Rihays, Abiz, Brooke, or just "Hey you!" in a pinch. I am an American and a big Doctor Who fan. Actually, pretty much British TV in general because I like Copper and Luther and other things that are unrelated to this. I am also a language nerd; I acquire new languages like my dryer acquires lint (and sometimes whole socks). Currently studying over twenty non-English languages including four conlangs. Absolutely love it. So if you have a language question, I might be able to help.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please use the Guestbook.

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